Basic Valuation Indicators for Listed Companies

Bucharest 27 February 2017

Trainer: Cristian Tudorescu


In this Program, the participants will get familiar with the ways to comput, to interpret and to use the main indicators in the valuation process of a listed company. We start with return and risk ratios that derive from the financial data of the listed companies and we arrive at the most common multiples that are used in valuation.

The participants will have the opportunity to answer themselves, through examples and study cases, to specific questions such as: what are the main drivers for a company, an industry or sector, a Stock Exchange Index to be valued at certain levels; how do valuations change through time, following the waves of the economic cycles, or depending on the development phases of those companies or markets.

We will present also examples regarding the investment in bonds.

Target group

The Program is targeting mainly investors in their early stage of the investment process, willing to get familiar with basic indicators used in estimating the value of a listed company.

It is also opened for people already active in financial institutions, such as brokerage houses, asset management companies, advisory companies, valuation departments, banking institutions.

Course objectives

The participants to learn the ways of interpreting and computing the valuation indicators at a basic level, in order to have a support for the investmnent decision regarding stocks and bonds. Giving examples, study cases, encouraging discussions to emphasize the streghts and limitations of the main valuation multiples.


  • Financial Ratios derived from the Financial Data of the listed companies
  • Main types of companies and stocks in the financial markets
  • Multiples used in a valuation process for a listed companies: P/E, P/B, EV/EBITDA - computing them and how we should interpret the results
  • Relevant indicators regarding Bond investments
  • Examples and Study cases on stocks and bonds traded on local and on international capital markets.


Cristian Tudorescu - 12 years of experience in the financial markets, as Head of Research with Tradeville brokerage house, as manager in Asset Management companies. Also advisor in the financing process of different companies and some public entities.

Passed Level II in the CFA Program (Chartered Financial Analyst).

A background of more than 6 years in delivering trainings and seminars.

Duration / Period

The program will last for 5 hours and will take place on the February 27, 2017 from 10:00 to 15:00.


The necessary investment for this program is of 300 lei + VAT / participant and includes: course materials, coffee break, participation certificates.


At the above fee a discount of 5% will be granted for registration and payment until the 10th of February 2017.

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